Magical Uses of Herbs to Help With Healing


Herbs have been widely used over the last few centuries when it comes to healing. Now, for many today, they think healing with herbs is strange and just not possible. However, certain herbs have always had an air of curiosity about them. While they appear insignificant cooking ingredients they actually open the door to potential. Thousands of people around the country and indeed the world have looked into herbs and their magical healing properties. Below are a few uses:

Easing Arthritis with Turmeric


Turmeric is actually a wonderful little herb to use in everyday cooking. It contains a powerful little anti-inflammatory element (curcumin) and this is what helps to relieve pain caused by the condition arthritis. Turmeric can reduce swelling in the joints also caused by arthritis. Adding just a small dose to cooking can be wise and so very useful too.

Soothing Your Stomach with Ginger


For those who suffer with stomach aches and pains, they are best soothing it was a pinch of ginger. You can also use ginger to prevent sore stomachs so it’s quite a versatile little herb. It is also said that ginger can help lower blood pressure and deal with some arthritis pain. Ginger is actually a powerful antioxidant so that is going to help deal with inflammation quite a bit. If you have suffered with stomach aches in the past or are frequently experiencing pain, you might find ginger helps soothe the problem.

Lowering Blood Sugar with Cinnamon

If you have high blood sugar levels and are in the danger zone then you may want to consider adding cinnamon to your diet. Of course, blood sugar levels need to be manageable so that they don’t cause a spike which could lead to diabetes. It isn’t impossible to lower blood sugar with a cinnamon extract.


You can use a small amount cinnamon extract each day and find it reduces your blood sugar levels quite a bit. It’s also said to help lower cholesterol too which is always a bonus!

Recently I was also speaking to Dr Vidya, who is an Edmonton dentist and she was very vocal about the beneficial properties of cinnamon for the teeth and gums. Apparently the high aldehyde content  makes it a rather potent antimicrobial and antiseptic, especially in its oil form.

cinnamon bark is high in tannin and is an astringent, which helps. Astringents actually help in strengthening oral tissue and reduce any surface irritation or inflammation. It creates a protective barrier against infection. Cinnamon oil also is a natural antiseptic and can alleviate toothache.

Should You Utilize Herbs To Heal?

Herbs have been used for thousands of years when it comes to healing. Practitioners have been advising people to use herbs for many years and it has proven to be extremely popular amongst many, old and young. There are some who of course say herbs and healing is rubbish because only medicine can heal, however that isn’t always the case. There are some herbs which have been proven to heal or assist certain ailments and while they don’t cure illnesses they offer great assistance.

Healing Herbs

Using everyday herbs to help heal certain ailments isn’t such a bad idea. You can easily add cinnamon extract to teas or drinks and turmeric and ginger can be so easily added to most meals. There is no need to overload the body with herbs but small amounts can do so much good. You don’t know how effective herbs are going to be until you’ve personally tried them but it’s still worth considering. Herbs also offer a potential solution to certain pains.

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